Mrs. Lafferty (3rd)

Welcome to Mrs. Lafferty's Third Grade!

Welcome to Third grade! I am excited to be here at St. Aloysius Regional School in Springville, NY.  I received my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Art at Plattsburgh State University of New York.  I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Curriculum Instruction with a concentration in Literacy. I am originally from Springville and can't wait to dive into our Communities Around the World Unit by taking a closer look at our own community's history.


                                                    We are having an amazing year so far! 

As part of our Social Studies, we have traveled to China, Germany, India, Mexico, and other regions such as the arctic region.  We listened to their traditional music, read their native folklore, created art, and even played a game by making a dreidel as part of learning about traditions from Israel.  We traveled back in time to study the United States regions and how Native American traditions formed their unique communities of the past.

STREAM has been a key feature to put our higher level thinking skills to the test.  Implementing engineering problems to create our own prototypes have become an anticipated and exciting time for our students.  We have made our own Native American homes using cranberries, toothpicks, and paper bags.  The students recently tested their New Year's ball drop by testing their knowledge of the incline by using different kinds of string and a simple paperclip.

Third grade is continuing to prove as an exciting year filled with more exploration.  We will explore these topics using the scientific method as we are scientists, mathematicians, historians and authors in our classroom!

 Student Writing 

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Important Notes:

  • You may send in a water bottle with your child as we will have them at our desks. 
  • For our pick up students, please send in one note stating that you will pick up your child at dismissal everyday.  If there is a change in the regular dismissal of your child, please send in a note or call the school office. (716) 592-7002
  • Please contact me at or leave a message at the office for any questions or concerns.

Upcoming Events:

  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Winter Exploration Field Trip on *January 25, 2017


Specials Schedule:

​Monday: Physical Education (Please remember to bring sneakers)

Tuesday: Chorus & Art (Please remember to send in art smock- old larger sized t-shirt)

Wednesday: Band / Lessons

Thursday: Music & Physical Education (Please remember to bring sneakers)

Friday: Mass & Library (Please remember to bring Library books)