Mrs. Chelsey Smith (6th/Science)

Welcome to my Science Class!

This is my third year with St. Aloysius, and I has been a pleasure working with and watching the students learn and grow. Teaching children has always been a passion of mine, ever since I was 12 and helping coach the younger kids on my swim team. My enthusiasm for science developed later, when I meet my favorite and most influential teacher in high school. He completely opened my eyes to the world of science. My goal is to be that inspiration to another. 

Even though I have been implementing STREAM activities with the students over the past few years are now officially a STREAM school and will have loads more fun to come to our students and staff this year.


Check out some of the science, health, and STREAM activities that have been going on!

Here students are exploring the skin, muscle structure, joints and bones of a chicken wing.

These students were having fun building structures for Angry Bird geometric figures to withstand various elements. 

Robotics Club

This years X-STREAM competition will be December 4th at St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute. The students will be building robots and playing CROSSOVER the new VEXiq game, against numerous other Diocese schools. So wish them luck in their engineering adventure.

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